Monday 6 April 2015

Podcast Return Time-Scale

PODCAST NEWS! Thanks to A LOT of help from Jordan Harbour of the Twilight Histories Podcast, and listeners Mike and Kevin, I think I know how to get the feeds back. And, I actually have a time-scale now! I'm currently entering what I call "crunch". This is when I have looming deadlines and tend to be working almost all day, almost every day. This is a 6000 word piece on Cicero due on the 12th May, and a Greek exam on 15th (5 weeks, 4 days away). But, once this is over, I have 3 and a half months until my next deadline, the dissertation - 7th September. This gives me a couple of free weeks I haven't had since last September, and should give me time to fix the feeds, now I have some serious leads. So, if things stay as they are, expect the podcasts to return in the last 2 weeks of May! I hope you have a good 6 weeks, and I'll hopefully see (well, be speaking to you I guess) shortly!