Sunday 28 October 2012

A History Of: Hannibal. Episode 19 - The Journey Begins

This is episode 19 of A History Of: Hannibal. The Journey Begins. This week we begin Hannibal's journey to Italy. We assess his options in the winter of 219-218 and find out why he had to invade Italy by land. We then follow him as he journey's to Gades, before heading north and crossing the Ebro. Find it on iTunes or right here.

Sunday 21 October 2012

A History Of: Hannibal. Episode 18: Saguntum

Hi guys! This is episode 18 of the podcast. This week we slow down the pace. Having looked at the break out of the Second Punic War last episode, we now look at the specifics of the siege of Saguntum. Also included is a description of the podcast's facelift and a preview of the second Project History Cage Match. Find it on iTunes or right here.

Saturday 13 October 2012

Project History Cage Match #2 - Rome: Overrated?

The second Project History Cage Match is out! You can find the full episode right here or on the British History Podcast feed. In this episode myself and Jamie Jeffers of The British History Podcast argue that Rome is overrated, while Rome's defence is argued by Roifield Brown of How Jamaica Conquered the World, Jordan Harbour of The Twilight Histories Podcast, Ray Harris of The World War II History Podcast and Zack Twamley of When Diplomacy Fails. It is an hour long episode, and we cover a great variety of topics. You should listen if you want to here me argue the Roman army wasn't that great, observe Jamie passionately defend the Celts, see Zack developing a running gag, learn about Roifield's love of Roman currency, know why Carthage gives Jordan the heebie jeebies, and most importantly of all, find out just why Ray was nearly arrested in the library car park.

Sunday 7 October 2012

A History Of: Hannibal. Episode 17 - The Iber

Episode 17 - The Iber is out! This week we begin the Second Punic War. We have an overview of Hannibal's character, then go into some detail about whether Hannibal was planning war with Rome, who broke the Iber treaty and who started the Second Punic War. Also the episode has sound effects. Awesome right? Find it either right here on or iTunes.

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