Wednesday 13 July 2011

Ooops. We have a rather huge mistake here.

I'm sorry, there is a huge mistake in episode 7. Just looking at a map and I was suprised to see Tyre and Tripoli were separate cities, it turns out I completely misunderstood my information. Tyre, Sidon and Aradus never fused together to form one city, Tripoli was the centre of a confederation between Tyre, Sidon and Aradus. I'm really sorry for the mistake.

Episode Seven - Taking Tyre

Episode 7 - Taking Tyre, covers the siege of Tyre, find it here --> or on iTunes or another internet podcast directory such as podcast pickle, etc.

Maps for this episode:

Friday 1 July 2011

Episode Six - Alexander Vs. Darius

Episode Six is up - Alexander Vs. Darius, this week we cover the battle of Issus. It can be found here -->

Or on iTunes. Now for the maps. This first one is the movements leading up to the battle.

These next two maps are the battle movements