Wednesday 11 June 2014

Podcast Restarting Schedule

Hi guys, this is just a quick update to let you know what's happening with the release schedule. With the episode last week Alexander Remastered has finished, so we just have Hannibal and Arab Spring to deal with. Rather than try and put several episodes out a week as I did last summer, and then struggle to write for the rest of the year, what I'm planning on doing will be to write a year's worth of episodes over the summer, and then release them over the coming twelve months. This will be done by alternating podcasts each week, as happened before the 'final semester of university' shutdown. Arab Spring will restart on Sunday 15th June with episode 22 covering Iraq from 1958 to the February 1963 revolution, and Hannibal will restart on Sunday June 22nd with episode 62 covering the Greek theatre of the war from 217 through to the peace treaty between Rome and Macedon in 205. These scripts have been written, and just need to be recorded. As I write this message I'm currently working on Arab Spring episode 23, so things are going well so far. I look forward to be podcasting once again!

Your humble podcaster,