Tuesday 8 March 2011

Episode Two - The Young Alexander

Episode two is out =] You can get it right here, or on iTunes, this week is looking at the earlly life of Alexander the Great



  1. Are you going to keep going? Also, is there an actual RSS feed I can sub to get these on my android phone? I'm sorta new to podcasts and am lost, but I hope you dont give up.

  2. I've added an RSS feed on the side, but I'm not sure if that will work :/ If it doesn't then you can subscribe to it here --> http://thehistoryof.web.officelive.com/Documents/Alexander%20the%20Great.XML

    I haven't given up on it, Episode Three is being written, sorry about the gap though :( I'll try to get it out in the next week if my voice gets better (I've had a cold/cough for the last week, and talking is rather painful at the moment).

    But thanks commenting, much appreciated :)